Coronavirus Info

Guidelines for St Leonard’s guests

Welcome to Belize and St Leonard’s Tours!!

As most guests to Belize are fully vaccinated and/or have a negative coronavirus test, you may be part of a small group 2 – 8 people (not necessarily from your own party) but all guests will be from GOLD STANDARD hotels/resorts/guesthouses/other facilities approved by our local tourism authorities.

Although we are not medical experts, we ask you to help us keep yourself and ourselves as safe as
possible by following the guidelines mentioned below. We hope that together we can stay safe.
Please also be aware that due to the nature of our tours, social distancing with people outside your own
party is relatively straightforward as activities are outdoors and with few other guests.

  1. Let us know If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with the Corona virus, such as a fever, a
    high temperature, coughing and you suspect you might need to receive medical attention, please inform
    us as soon as possible and we can then take you to the nearest medical facility and assist as necessary.
    (it is highly recommended that if anyone is sick/feels sick to please do not travel or go on tour – this is
    for you comfort and well-being)
  2. Masks are no longer mandatory, but as a cautionary measure, we advise all our guests to wear their masts in the vehicles.
  3. We try our best to keep our guests/ group of guests within a safe distance/open areas to facilitate social distancing.
  4. Avoid touching public spaces where ever possible, but if you must, use available hand sanitizer/other
    available disinfectants thereafter and before getting back into your tour vehicles)
  5. Hand sanitizer is available for you to regularly disinfect hands. Your guide will provide some at the
    start and during your tour.
  6. Know that we disinfect & sterilize each vehicle after every tour and only work with small groups of 2 – 8
    people,(families/groups of more than 4 people we do our best to provide PRIVATE tours,
  7. We strongly recommend you verify that your travel insurance covers a ‘cancellation for any reason’
    clause. Please keep your insurance company contact details with you at all times. This can also include
    mandatory quarantine.
  8. Belize currently has a mandatory travel insurance payable for any person travelling to Belize of $ 18 US.