Kiskadee Trail

Kiskadee Trail

Kiskadee Trail

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About this tour.

This tour will take you down to the Mopan River. We will go through a jungle trail filled with birdsong before once again entering the wide open pastures. Along the way you are likely to see many birds such as parrots, kiskadees and herons, as well as experience the sights and smells of the many trees that adorn the fields. Included along the way, a stop at one of the many Mayan sites scattered throughout the valley. This tour ride, like our other horse riding tours are fit for any rider level: first time rider, amateur/novice rider and expert rider since our horses are trained horses and our experienced wranglers have the experience and knowledge to assist and guide any level rider.

The Price.

Price: USD$45.00 per person.

Time: Approx 2-3 hours

Skills Used.

Hiking: 100%
Walking: 80%
Swimming: 20%